Defi innovation has brought many practical applications to the industry and has promoted the development of open finance. Gigo evolving as a community driven project will develop web3 decentralised relational applications.
Gigoswap is a decentralised crypto market with crosschain aggregator protocols, unique defi features introducing artificial intelligence and community governance tools.
Our vision is that Gigo will aggregate user utility base web3 decentralised applications, cross-chain interoperability and develop a permission-less crypto market for users guided by their own rules and ownership.
  • Automated market maker functionality with liquidity pools; users will be able to trade Gigoswap token (GIGO) and multiple tokens, Decentralised trades advanced features including perpetual trades, portfolio tools, token managements and A.I trading bot.
  • Users can earn rewards from staking pools and earn fees from providing liquidity to support project's development.
  • Exclusive membership token launchpad, users (token holders) can participate from new token launch events, Elephant-Doggies NFTs, marketplace & MetaFi games.
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